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Roses have been used globally for therapeutic, Social and Religious purposes for thousands of years. Rose petals are bursting with Vitamins & Minerals that boost immunity and fight infections. Green Tea is considered the healthiest drink as it is not processed much before reaching your cup with most of its antioxidants, Vitamins & Minerals intact.  


Certified Organic Green tea from Assam is infused with Natural Rose petals from Rajasthan to gently handcraft this exquisite aromatic, sweet and smooth flavoured offer from Bouquet Garni. It can be enjoyed both hot or chilled.


This detox drink is rich with Anti-oxidant, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-bacterial properties. Helps with Weight loss, Allergies, Digestion, Healthy Skin, Controlling Diabetes, Managing Stress, Prevents Heart disease. Of course, only tea cannot replace nutritious diet, exercise and your medications to maintain your health. 


Responsibly sourced from Assam & Rajasthan, INDIA


Ingredients: Organic Himalayan Green Tea, Rose Petals

*No Added Preservatives

Rose Infused Green Tea

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  • Best Before

    12 Months from date of packaging

  • Return & Refund Policy

    Items delivered will not returned.

  • Shipping Info

    Shipping Worldwide. 


  • Storage

    Cool & dry place

  • Brewing Guide:

    Step 1- Boll a cup of water.
    Step 2- Boil at 90 C.
    Step 3- Steep 2 tsp tea leaves

    After 3 mins strain in your favourite Cup & Enjoy!!

    For a chilled beverage, Cool up the steeped tea and Enjoy with some Ice. 

  • Packaging Details

    • This tea is packed in an air tight glass jar.
  • Net Content Weight

    70 Grams

  • Plastic usage in packaging

    Less than 2%

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