Experience the revitalizing effects of Bouquet Garni Organic Lemongrass Tea


Native to Southeast Asia, Lemongrass has been traditionally used both in Ayurvedic and in the Ancient Asian Herbal tradition as a beneficial tonic. It was traditionally consumed as a tea but is also a staple of South East Asian cuisine. Energizingly fresh with unique lemony flavour and full of health promoting benefits, makes it a wonderful tea to incorporate in your daily diet.


This wellness drink is rich source of Vitamin A and C, and has Anti-oxidant, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-microbial properties. Lemongrass has been used as a sedative, to relieve headaches, stomach upsets, fluid retention, boost immunity and ease the symptoms of sore throat and common cold. It can also be used in cooking by soaking it in drinking water for 2 hours. Tea alone cannot replace nutritious diet, exercise and prescribed medications to maintain your health in perfect conditions. 


No added flavours, fillers, preservatives, additives, sweeteners, carriers, colours, stabilizers or excipients


Responsibly sourced Organic Produce of INDIA


Naturally Caffeine Free


Ingredients: Certified Organic Lemongrass

*No Added Preservatives

Lemongrass Tea

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    12 Months from date of packaging

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  • Storage

    Cool & dry place

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    • This tea is packed in an air tight glass jar.
  • Net Content Weight

    50 Grams


  • Plastic usage in packaging

    Less than 2%