Enjoy a relaxing cup of Health and Soothing Calm with Bouquet Garni`s Harmony Herbal Tea

A soothing infusion which brings an inner calm and wellness. This brew has the tranquillity of Lavender & Chamomile along with powerhouse of wholesome nutrients of Queen of herbs ‘Tulsi’, Rose Petals bursting with Vitamins & Minerals and topping these are the legacy herbs Ginger & lemongrass boosting immunity and fighting infections.  Our herbal infusion is brewed into a caffein-free natural drink with flavour and health benefits. A cup of this tea helps avoid all Respiratory disorders, prevents heart issues, Premature aging, Boosts immunity, Improves Liver function. It has Anti-inflammatory, Antioxidant, mild Astringent and Healing medicine, promotes sleep and treats Insomnia, Reduces stress.

Harmony Herbal Tea

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