Herbal Tea for a healthier mind & body

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

Consumed for its medicinal and therapeutic properties, as well as its rejuvenating aroma, herbal tea is an infusion of aromatic herbs and plants.

Herbal tea is otherwise called Tisane (pronounced ti-zane) or Herbal infusion to avoid confusion as it does not come from the Camellia Sinensis plant from which the real tea comes from.

For many centuries, aromatic combinations of herbal teas have been consumed in traditional Chinese and Indian Ayurvedic medicines to heal symptoms of various health-related issues. These beverages cannot be considered the only source to cure the well being problems but they have been associated across many cultures and generations with health. Now, some scientific research has begun to support traditional uses, while dismantling other claims.

In fact, on most occasions, with the awareness of its benefits and availability of various caffeine free varieties, the herbal tea has become our choice now. Beginning and ending our day with wonderful blends of herbal tea and natural flavoring is now considered a wellness lifestyle change to follow.

Herbal tea comes in a wide range of tastes and flavors that make a tempting alternative to sugary beverages. They can be served both hot and cold and can be considered a delicious detox alternative to highly caffeinated drinks.

Crafted from flowers, leaves, roots, dried fruits, spices or herbs, sometimes infused with green tea, herbal tea derives its strengths from different parts of a plant. Every plant delivers unique flavor, aroma and beneficial properties to its drinker.

Starting our day with a cup of steaming tea has been a regular ritual for most of us which we consider to wake us up. But it’s time now to let go of the caffeinated tea and choose these herbs every morning that awaken us as well as give a necessary boost to our health. Let the Herbal Tea be more than just a wake up call.

So to kick-start your mornings and rekindle your senses, try the elixir of life offered by Bouquet Garni by Nature Class which is mixed in small batches to maintain freshness and purity. With the adverse impact of pollution and pesticide agri-produce on our health, we curate an assortment of high-quality, naturally sourced Herbal Teas. So choose your “rejuvenator beverage”, depending on what you seek from our collection.

Keeping our self well hydrated is one requirement many of us struggle with. It would be wise to say these teas help us in achieving our hydration target. After all a cup of herbal tea is a cup of water. Keep sipping on these aromatic drinks throughout the day and easily increase your water intake without the adverse effect of caffeine or sugar.

So what are you waiting for… I am off for a relaxing cup of Chamomile Tea.

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*Note: We are not a pharmacist firm or medically qualified physician. Do not consider this article as medical advice. If you have any health issues, are pregnant/lactating or have had adverse reactions to herbs in the past, please do consult with a qualified herbalist or a physician. Follow the directions of a reliable source. We recommend to brew fresh, high-quality herbs and use within the Best before date always.

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