A Tale of Turmeric

My ‘Growing up Herbal’ phase took a new turn when I started reading about Turmeric & Curcumin. After every article, my thoughts to grow some Turmeric in my kitchen garden kept building up. And finally, in 2018 I decided to wave off or reduce the numbers of some winter vegetable plants to find a way to sow Turmeric and ginger. Turmeric was also grown all around the plot so a pest control and health-inducing plant took care of the whole garden.

Turmeric, a perennial rhizomatous herb that belongs to the ginger family, is native to tropical Southeast Asia. India has been aware of the medicinal benefits of this special spice - Haldi for centuries but it is fairly new in the west. Turmeric is also known with more than 50 different names in Sanskrit. Turmeric is grown heavily all over India. So far, it has been researched extensively. These researches have shown what India has known and used for ages. The use of turmeric has been prevalent in the Indian sub-continent for nearly 4000 years and attributed to the Vedic Period in India.

Turmeric was a go-to home remedy for many ailments for every mother ever since anyone in India can remember and those have been passed on for generations. And the ‘Haldi Ceremony in Indian marriages for both girl & boy is one of the must ceremonies. We lost so many learnings over the years as our belief in allopathy kept growing due to fast relief.